3 Reasons To Add Charcoal To Your Beauty Routine

Summer is finally here and I plan to grill outside a lot because i try to make the most of the precious warm months. But who wants charcoal that you grill with on your face? It’s dirty and it gets all over your hands and clothes. But what if I told you that there are some great beauty products out there that contain activated charcoal?

Though you may not immediately associate charcoal with healthy skin or skin-care products, activated charcoal boasts beauty benefits for skin by drawing oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores due to its adsorption powers. Ideal for individuals with oily or acne prone skin, charcoal has been found to remove toxins and bacteria. Although there are a lot of face washes and masks made from charcoal powder, you could also use this unconventional beauty treatment for your hair and body.

Face Use

If you have combination skin that's sensitive with mild-moderate acne like me, I highly recommend Savannah Bee Charcoal, Propolis, and Volcanic Ash Cleanser. This cleanser is power-packed with activated charcoal powder, volcanic ash, kaolin clay, and honey bee hive ingredients propolis and honey to remove excess oil and impurities from pores without over-drying skin.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other cleansers and nothing can compare to how smooth, soft and clear my face has become. I began to notice a difference after a few days.  It cleanses well and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. I like to apply the cleanser on my face and leave it on for a few minutes like a mask and then wash it off  using a konjac sponge or a silicone face pad, which makes it foam a lot more and offers some gentle exfoliation.

Hair Use

 Activated charcoal's beauty benefits aren't just limited to the skin. The ingredient can also work wonders on the hair by neutralizing acid and absorbing impurities. For the purpose of this story, I tried the Shea Moisture’s African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Hair & Scalp Gentle Shampoo, which includes activated charcoal as an ingredient. So far it’s awesome! Moisturizing and refreshing.  After adding the shampoo to my hair and lathering i immediately noticed a delightful tingling sensation on my scalp caused by the mint and the ginger which are both great for circulation.

 Please note that you can enhance any shampoo or hair mask with activated charcoal to help draw out toxins and impurities. Add ½ to 1 teaspoon to the shampoo or mask you’re applying, work into your scalp and through hair, and then rinse thoroughly. It won’t leave residue and will help voluminize your hair.


Body Use

 Using a body scrub with activated charcoal such as First Aid Beauty Cleansing Body Polish with Active Charcoal, It absorbs the toxins trapped right under the skin which are just waiting for a way out. This treatment is perfect for those with cellulite or are prone to acne. The antibacterial properties of charcoal can also help alleviate infections, or keep them from happening. It speeds up healing of wounds. It helps eliminate itchiness from skin irritants or allergies. From my personal experience, it also eliminates body odor on underarms, feet and scalp. For adults with mild acne, a charcoal cleanser can help prevent outbreaks.


Will you be adding any of these products in your beauty routine? Let me know.

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