Clear & Brilliant!

Ever since having my daughter my skin has been different than I've ever known it to be and completely out of whack , constant breakouts keep popping up which then leave behind a mark that then takes me forever to get rid of , and lets be real I'm getting older and definitely starting to see my skin showing signs of age!!

I'm the kind of girl who likes to wear minimal makeup mainly because having a child and trying to balance raising her and a career doesn't quite allot me a ton of time to Glam up so I'm always ‘ON the GO’. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for either the perfect topical solution or treatment that would help my skin feel and look rejuvenated, my skin needed a big makeover.

After visiting Kare Plastic Surgery and Skin Health MD in Santa Monica I had a consultation with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and after an analysis of my skin, he suggested ‘Clear and Brilliant ‘, which would work best to give me the healthy glow I was looking for as well as remove any hyper pigmentation scars. As a bonus he told me that the same laser would work to build more collagen and help with minor sagging on my breasts...bonus indeed! So I decided to have the treatment on both my face neck and breast.

After having a topical anesthesia applied to both my face and breast, I then waited about 15 minutes for the numbing to kick in. Now I must be honest, I wasn’t expecting for this treatment to hurt, so I was alittle surprised that numbing cream was needed and it made me just a tiny bit nervous. Once the treatment began the nurse started on my forehead which she said was the most painful and moved down, it felt like tiny little needle pricks but overall not unbearable.

The entire process took about 20 minutes, not bad at all. I was handed a mirror right after and to my surprise my face looked sunburned and splotchy, which I was told this was normal. They applied a sheet mask to my skin right after for 15 min., which immediately calmed and cooled down my skin. On the ride home my face was tingly and I was pretty sure it looked like a red hot pepper. When I got home I rushed to the mirror and to my surprise my skin was a lot calmer than before in the office , just slightly splotchy. The big difference was when I woke up the next morning, my skin was clear, radiant and most of my dark spots were heavily faded.


As the days progress I've seen even more improvement. As for my chest area, I worked tremendously with tightening that section of my body which gave it a slight lift actually, so I'm very happy wth those results. Clear and Brilliant get a big A+ from me and the staff at Kare Plastic Surgery were very informative and helpful with everything, Doctor Raffy recommends at least 3 sessions to see the maximum benefits in most cases , I've done 2 so far and seeing a major difference in my skin. Thank you to the entire staff at Kare for putting me on to Clear and Brilliant :) 



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