Get Date Night Ready With Us!

The biggest date night of the year is upon us and it is all about preparation and making yourself accessible to being hugged, kissed and touched.


Get ready with us for a romantic night with our special someone.

  1. Get your heart pumping before your cozy evening out on the town with a total-body workout that will make you feel as great as you look.
  2. Secure a sitter early. Nothing kills the romance like scrambling to find last-minute child care.
  3. Show your little ones some love by planning a special family breakfast. You can even do some fun Valentine’s Day crafts together with lots of chocolate kisses.

Now it’s time to focus on the more important parts of your V-Day celebration; Pamper Yourself!

  • Take an Epsom Salt bath. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath and sit for 10 minutes. The Magnesium in the salt helps draw toxins and excess fluid from your body.
  • Create a silky smooth body by exfoliating your skin using exfoliating gloves and a gentle scrub. The gloves will make it easier to get every nook and cranny of your body. The texture of the gloves will rev up your circulation and energy. Don’t forget to exfoliate your hands and feet to get them holding-hands smooth.

  • After exfoliating, it is a perfect time to de-fuzz your body since the dead skin cells are removed from your skin, allowing for a closer shave. Then apply the pfb Vanish Liquid Luffa Scrub to remove dead skin cells on the bikini line and lumen8 lotion with Chromabright to moisturize your personal parts.

  • Take some extra thought when choosing underwear. Find those silky, lacy, and bow-tied  little things  and feel like a million bucks underneath your stunning date night ensemble.
  • There’s something timeless and romantic about a shiny lacquer in a red shade. Make an appointment for a fresh coat.
  • Next focus on hair; If your hair is long, try long loose curls with a 1 inch curling iron or even a sweet side braid. If you hair is short or a bob, try a deep side part with side swept bangs for a sophisticated, yet romantic look.
  • It can be very romantic when your date takes care of everything and surprises you. But the whole point is that there is set plans, even if you don’t know them, and only they do.
Ultimately, it's all worth it when you're feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. That is, of course, the most important thing you can aim for when on a date; so making that happens should be your top priority.
How do you get ready for Valentine’s Day? Do you use any special products, wear special makeup or clothing?

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