PINROSE Is Renovating How We Find the Right Scent

Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand which makes finding high quality fragrance a playful, effortless, everyday experience for the modern millennial. Instead of sending you perfume vials, they send you “Petals” which is a wet nap of perfume that you can smear all over your body.  

They are known for their personalized scent quiz on and enables the brand to learn more about you and in turn recommends a fragrance it might think you like.

Pinrose Petals won’t break the bank. You can get a set of 12 Pinrose Petals (one of each scent!) for $9, or you can build your own pack (includes 25 Petals) for $30. If you’re on-the-go and tend to throw perfume in your gym bag or purse for your pre-happy hour refresher, I can’t recommend these enough.
Pinrose Scents, $55 each, available at

Every single petal I tried had its own personality and scent profile so you can feel confident in committing to a full bottle of the winning perfume choice.

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