The Best Products for Frizz-Free Curls

There’s no bigger beauty letdown than wasting your cash on serums and creams that promises to leave your hair frizz-free but don’t deliver. You walk outside and immediately, your hair succumbs to the humidity, heat and FRIZZ! We've narrowed down our top recommendations for anti-frizz products that actually work.

Shampoos can be harsh on any types of hair because they strip the hair of its natural oils. Dry, stripped hair can lead to frizz, so opt for a shampoo that is sodium chloride free. I like The Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo. It is an ultra-mild, moisture-rich cleanser that gently cleanses, moisturizes and adds shine. This is a must for the chemically addicted.

Bumble & Bumble

Curl Keeper helps to define my coyly curls just right. I used the curl keeper original product alongside the leave in conditioner and the results were magical. What I got was perfectly coifed curls with no frizz.  This formula added shine, crazy definition, and a touch of moisture to my curls. With Curl Keeper, my hair is much more manageable and shiny. I never thought this was possible! If you have curly or wavy texture hair and are fighting the frizz, Curl Keeper is a must.

I couldn't believe the results of Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Conditioner. Particularly in the area of definition. This Leave-In Conditioner is completely non-sticky and it disappears into my hair. It provides natural curl definition without a hint a frizz.

Karen's Body

If you can't manage to reduce your frizz no matter what serum, oil, or gel you use, then you may want to consider your moisture. If you ensure that your hair is fully moisturized and completely dry before stepping out of the house, you can cut down the chances on frizz. A deep conditioner like this intensive deep moisture treatment by DevaCurl will hydrate your curls and help prevent frizz before it starts.

Deva Curl

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