Top 6 Beauty Products You Need Now

Top 6 Beauty Products You Need Now
Written By: Alesia of Love Her Style

I am your ultimate beauty junkie.  So much so that I’m an official Sephora VIB Rouge. I tend to try a lot of products, but there are few staples that I can’t live without it. Here are my top 6 picks for some of the best beauty products in the game.

Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub - $8.99

There are not many cleansers that I repeatedly buy once they’re used up, but Biore’s Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub is one that I have to have. I use it as my regular cleanser because it’s not at all harsh on my skin and is pH balanced. It exfoliates, cleans and clears out my pores. Thus leaving my skin a whole lot smoother.

Yes to Coconut Micellar Cleansing Water - $8.99

Although you can use this as an alternative to your regular cleanser, I use Micellar Cleansing Water after I’ve cleansed because I’m a double-cleanse kind of girl. When I opt not to use my Ski-II toner, this replaces that with a few cotton ball swipes. I have found that it gives my skin a slight glow and for sure takes out the extra gunk that was not otherwise caught during my cleanse. If you’re not already using a toner, add it to your routine! And I’m not talking about one of those toners that you spray on and let it sit (my advice, don’t use those!).

Milk Make Up Cooling Water - $24

Super obsessed with Milk Make Up’s products. I use their Cooling Water under and around my eyes. It has this feel-good-cooling-effect that helps to smooth my skin and make my eye area look less puffy. Alternatively, if you like to go all natural, it’s great to use during the summer months when you’re skin may be feeling a little dry.

M-61 Vitablast C – Vitamin C & E Serum - $92

Don’t ever let anyone make you believe that you don’t need a serum, and a Vitamin C one at that. This is an absolute must! They’re the best investment you can make. Vitamin C (also known as Absorbic Acid) helps to lighten dark spots and brighten skin. I like m-61’s Vitablast C. You may or may not feel a tingle when using it. I personally think that’s a sign that it’s working it’s magic.


Stacked Skincare Micro Roller - $30

I don’t have time to get regular facials so looking for an at home solution was a must. I learned that Micro needling is a huge benefit to the skin because it helps to stimulate collagen, smooth out acne scars and help your products (such as serums) absorb into your skin better. The only somewhat downside is the expense. It’s definitely not one of those “one and done” treatments. You have to do it consistently and with the treatments ranging anywhere from $200 - $800 each, it’s not very cost effective.  I came across Stacked Skincare, who has glowing reviews, to find that they have an at-home micro-roller (basically, at home micro needling that is completely safe) for only $30. You have to replace it monthly, but at such a low cost it’s worth it. I’ve been using mine for about a month and have seen a reduction in my pore size plus my acne scars are smoothing out! For best results, use with a serum that you can purchase with your micro-roller or you can pair it with a serum you already love (I use mine with a Vitamin C serum).

Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil - $80

I have an obsession with face oils and Sunday Riley’s are my favorite thus far. It feels luxurious and has helped reduce my breakouts. I use this one in the AM and PM after I have completed my routines. This face oil has become my moisturizer because it’s a little on the thick side, and lasts all day long – with or without make up underneath.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel - $16 – 100

These WORK! This product isn’t an actual “peel” but rather pads drenched in Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Mandelic Acid. All of these ingredients help to clarify dull skin, treat/prevent breakouts and smooth skin as well as clear out the gunk in your pores. I typically use these pads 3 times a week after I have cleansed and toned, but they can be used daily if your skin can tolerate it. The price of these vary, depending on how many pads you get in a pack.


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