Your Story Matters: Julia Hogan-McNeil

We had the pleasure of meeting Julia Hogan-McNeil, the founder of "Julia-Cooks Organic Super Foods". Julia has an astounding story of triumph and healing as she regained her eye sight through faith, courage, & juicing! Julia is also the founder of "7StarJuice Bar", Executive Chef at the local YMCA, and now proud owner of two Food Trucks, Julia Cooks Organic Food Truck. 

Here is her testimony...


During the last part of October 2013, I woke up to find my eyesight was extremely blurry and in the following days my vision slowly began to fade.  I began to have trouble standing and walking on my own.  My fingers progressively began to curl into a fist and become red and hot.  In the coming days, I began to lose feeling.  I could no longer feel my skin or the feeling of objects, the only thing I felt was pain through my entire body. The feeling was like I, was in a tightly fit compression garment and I was now bed ridden. As a result of being bed ridden and loss of muscle movement, I was constipated for almost 3 months, and was gaining weight at a rapid rate.  I picked up 50+ pounds.  

What was wrong? I was diagnosed with an acute aggressive form of M.S. I had neglected my health in the past and my body was paying the price.  I became deeply depressed and was in a bitter place in life. Prayer, Faith and change of diet blessed my life with perfect health!  After a 30 day Detox of ridding my body of toxins, junk food, and concentrating on fresh cold pressed juice drinks, and positive energy, I walked away in victory.

February 2, 2014 my food service was born! We started off on street corners selling salads in a jar, with juice drinks daily on different street corners of Houston. Within three months, my story was trending on social media, and I was asked to open a restaurant on a military base in Houston. It was there I gained my restaurant experience and catering experience while serving gourmet foods. We quickly out grew our restaurant and turned our brick and mortar into a mobile kitchen on wheels, now known As “Julia Cooks Organic Food Truck” and 7Star Juice Bar.

Our mobile kitchen made its debut in the Houston Heights January 6th 2016. Our food and drink has gained us television segments on local news stations and local day time talk shows, and local newspapers.  Julia Hogan McNeil has built a successful food service company that is expanding with the help of her partner and husband Head Chef Robin McNeil. J. Cooks INC.  now offers franchise opportunities, and brick and mortar locations throughout the United States


Julia Hogan McNeil is a degreed professional and has a background in Business Management and Special Education. Julia is also a motivational speaker and shares her story with people everywhere that are dealing with health challenges.

Julia is happily married to Robin McNeil. Julia has over 20 years of cooking food service experience


Current Events/Future Events;

Recipe Book

Celebrity Weekly Meal Plans Community Garden Towers

Juicing Book for Healing with biblical scriptures   

Audio Workbook for Corporate Office Groups for Team Building.

Cooking Classes for Small Groups

Cooking Classes for kids

Raw Cooking Classes

Joint Collaborations with Major Sporting Arenas


How did you get into Juicing?

  We had no other options!! I did not have insurance and traditional treatments were way to costly. When I was rushed to the ER, the doctors told my husband to throw me away and give me medications that were not going to heal me or treat the M.S. We prayed for an answer and God gave us a plan of action. My sister/friend allowed me to stay in her home for 30 days. With this 30 days, we did fresh vegetable/fruit juice drinks. We stayed positive, no negativity. But most importantly I learned how to release and forgive!! Once I forgave myself and others, my life changed for the better. Forgiveness became my best friend. I recommend anyone going thru any type of illness/sickness to search their heart and seek true forgiveness of themselves and each other. Then the flow of healing/wellness will come thru..   

Was it always your plan for it to be a business ?

This business happened by pure accident and of course hard work!  After my 30 day detox I posted a picture of a salad in a jar. On social media. It had over 17 different ingredients in it. My Social Media Friends began to ask me to make them those salads. Each week I would introduce new meals and post them , my business was birthed in February 2014. I would sell these items on the corner at a gas station located in SunnySide. 





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